Exploring Common Orthopedic Surgeries with Dr. Yashwardhan Jaiswal

Orthopedic surgeries play a crucial role in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, enhancing mobility, and improving the overall quality of life for patients. Dr. Yashwardhan Jaiswal, an esteemed Orthopedic Surgeon at Life Care Hospital in Gorakhpur, specializes in various orthopedic procedures, including Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and Total Hip Replacement (THR). In this blog, we will delve into some common orthopedic surgeries performed by Dr. Yashwardhan Jaiswal.

Common Orthopedic Surgeries:

  1. Total Knee Replacement (TKR):
    • Dr. Yashwardhan Jaiswal is an expert in TKR, a surgical procedure to replace the damaged knee joint with an artificial implant. This is often recommended for patients with severe arthritis or knee injuries, providing relief from pain and restoring function.
  2. Total Hip Replacement (THR):
    • THR is another area of specialization for Dr. Yashwardhan. In this procedure, the damaged hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic implant, alleviating pain and improving hip function. It is commonly performed for conditions like osteoarthritis.
  3. Arthroscopy:
    • Dr. Yashwardhan utilizes arthroscopy, a minimally invasive technique, to diagnose and treat joint problems. This procedure involves inserting a small camera (arthroscope) into the joint, allowing for precise visualization and treatment of issues such as torn ligaments, cartilage damage, and joint inflammation.
  4. Fracture Repair:
    • As an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Yashwardhan handles various fracture cases, employing surgical interventions like internal fixation (using screws, plates, or rods) to stabilize and facilitate the healing of fractured bones.
  5. Ligament Reconstruction:
    • Dr. Yashwardhan specializes in ligament reconstruction surgeries, addressing injuries to ligaments in the knee, ankle, or other joints. This involves repairing or replacing damaged ligaments to restore stability and function.
  6. Spinal Surgery:
    • Dr. Yashwardhan is well-versed in spinal surgeries, addressing conditions such as herniated discs, spinal deformities, and spinal injuries. Surgical interventions may include spinal fusion, laminectomy, or discectomy, depending on the specific diagnosis.


Dr. Yashwardhan Jaiswal’s expertise extends across a spectrum of orthopedic surgeries, focusing on personalized care and optimal outcomes for his patients. Whether it’s a joint replacement, arthroscopic procedure, or spinal surgery, patients can trust in his skills and commitment to enhancing musculoskeletal health.

To learn more about Dr. Yashwardhan Jaiswal and schedule an appointment, visit his website.

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